Test Print

If any design is intricate, has a lot of changing blends and fades, Stellar can organise a test print before production commences. We will email you the photo of this test print for sign off. This way we can be sure that the fabulous design we have created for you will actually work and you can order in confidence. What might look good on paper may actually look crap in reality.

Super Fast Delivery
Stellar prides itself on it’s exceptional Customer Service. That’s why when we tell you so, it will be so. From the date the Final Payments has cleared, we will ensure your garment/product will arrive to you within 4 Weeks (Australia) 6 Weeks (Rest of World).

One-Off Garments and Products
Now this has got to be the best deal going! Isn’t it so annoying when you need more Uniforms or items of Sportswear and the Supplier you are going through tells you that you still have to order a minimum quantity even though you only want One? Not at Stellar! Once you have completed the initial buy of the minimum order as specified by Stellar, you can then purchase your gear as One-Off’s. Sweet!

Need a single Uniform to be a certain size, maybe a little bit longer in length? Just let us know when you enquire and we will endeavor to meet your needs as there is nothing worse than playing uncomfortably. For example: You may need a size 12 Netball Dress but with a size 14 Length. Can do – too easy! Please be aware that alterations to Sportswear is subject to the style and type of garment as not all can be altered beyond the defined specifications.

No, we won’t be embedding a hot iron Stellar Logo on your Forehead for Advertising purposes! What we love doing is assisting Clubs, Associations and Businesses to come up with a whole new design, look and feel. In fact we thrive on it. Providing you are honestly going to purchase some gear off us, we will create this for you – for free! Wow, imagine how much you could save on expensive Graphic Design Artwork charges! Stellar can create the entire artwork for you to complement all of your playing gear across the board – on court/field uniforms, supporter gear, sponsor polo’s/tees, jackets and hoodies. We”ll even come up with a whole new logo for you if you need it.

How Do I Care For My New Product
We use the best quality inks available on all our sublimated clothing, so the printing is guaranteed never to peel, crack or fade.  When washing, wearing and caring for your garment, the same care instructions apply to any piece of clothing you wish to obtain longevity from.  Wash in cold or warm water, don’t iron – hang them up to dry, the cooldry material will mean they dry in no time anyway.
From experience – I was wearing one of our netball dresses, and the opposition had their bibs attached to their tops with safety pins (6 of them), the constant friction of the pins on the dress created minor pulls in the cooldry fabric of the dress (needless to say I wasn’t impressed!)  So what I am trying to say is – be mindful of anything that can create a pull on your dress or clothing, whether it be a wooden sleeper you are sitting on, or the inconsiderate opposition who (for whatever reason) use safety pins to attach their bibs. – Oh and if one of your oppositions decides to do the safety pin thing – ask them not to! In a nutshell, if your take care of your clothing, it will give you years of wear and looking and feeling great!

Why Do I Have To Pay For My Product Up Front?
Being a custom job, we require the money upfront as confirmation of the job, and also a guarantee that you won’t change your mind midway through manufacture, and we are then stuck with a custom product that is of no good to us.

Why Is The Bank Account Details I’m Depositing The Money Into Under “Shannon L Wilson” And Not “Stellar”?
Stellar is the work of Shannon L Wilson, who is working as a sole trader.  Shannon Wilson’s ABN (Australian Business Number:  62 020 764 615)
The complete business name is: S WILSON trading as STELLAR UNIFORMS
You can also pay by PayPal if you like, contact us for more details.


Please note: All designs featured on this website are real Stellar Clients and are used here for illustration purposes only. If you would like an awesome design created just for you - don’t hesitate to contact us now.

Remember: All Artworks and Designs created by Stellar are protected by the Intellectual Property Law of Australia. No artworks or designs can be copied or reprinted in any form without the expressed permission of Stellar. Changing any graphic form by 10% is a myth. To read more about Intellectual Property Australia please click here. If you have any concerns about any laws you may have breached please contact us.

The Stellar Logo is a Registered Trademark