Get Stellarised with Stellar Uniforms and how we can work together well.

Since we first opened our doors in 2011, the landscape of custom designed Sportswear has gone through some incredible changes. Some for good and some for not so good. Companies have come and gone, prices have skyrocketed and everyone’s needs are constantly changing. We hope that we have been one of those Companies that have remained the same and true to themselves and it is for this reason that we are grateful and we thank you for being here.

We know that you have most likely found your way here through a referral from a colleague, friend or you may have seen our gear somewhere or you may have even used it through another means. Either way, thank you for being here.

We also understand that Stellar may have not been your first choice in your endless search for your Team or Club’s new Apparel and we’re ok with that. We’re also ok if you choose not to stay but at some point, we hope you return and remain a part of the Stellar family like so many others.

Why are we chosen over everyone else? Maybe it’s because we have the best Graphic Artist in the World. Maybe because we offer the best quality materials. Maybe because we have such a massive range to choose from. Maybe it’s because we won’t repeat your design anywhere in the world! Whatever the reason you choose to stay, you’ll always be here and we thank you for that.

STELLAR UNIFORMS How to work together effectively

Firstly, don’t feel bad that you have no idea. After being in the business for 10 years we are still meeting and educating clients on what sublimation is and how to best represent yourself and or your team in regards to graphic design and sportswear in general. Please do spend some time reading through the below. It’s all very important and will make your life easier – well, that’s what we are hoping for…

The first step is to review the Price Guide for the Garment/s, Product/s that you wish to purchase and let us know if Stellar is the right fit for you. If so, we will require confirmation by email.

We will require some ideas on what you would like for your design as well as: colours (main and additional highlights) as well as the graphic components. You are welcome to send us jpegs of images from the internet that you like. (Please note: we will note replicate someone else’s design. This is a breach of Intellectual Property Laws.)

Initial artwork to client at normal times can be up to 1 week depending on business levels and depending on how thorough the client is with sending us information.

If you wish for us to replicate your current design – YOU MUST OWN IT.

Due to Intellectual Property Laws within Australia (and pretty much in every country in the world), all Graphic Design is protected by Copyright. No one can replicate anything without the Authors consent, not even by 10% (a myth believed by many).

If you do own the Artwork, please email this to us in one of the following file formats:

.ai  or  .eps  or  .pdf – No Jpegs please.

All additional artwork (Logos etc) that are required to feature on the artworks are to be in one of the following files types:

.ai  or  .eps  or  .pdf – No Jpegs Please.

All prices on the Price Guide are in Australian Dollars and are fully inclusive from Design to Delivery – no other prices to pay.

Within Australia – Delivery is min. 4 weeks from full payment and final artwork design.

Rest of World – Delivery is min. 6 weeks from full payment and final artwork design.

Please be aware that the time frames for all deliveries, once they leave our factory, are out of our control. The delivery time frames stated above are indicative only and are subject to International and National Courier services plus Custom services within your country. When given to us, an order tracking number will be given to you.

Please also be aware that: we do try our best to adhere to certain countries customs laws regarding taxes, gst, VAT etc etc for goods entering your country. There may be times when customs will hold deliveries until additional taxes are paid before release. Stellar are not responsible for this and as a client you must be aware of and be ready to pay customs for any additional charges that your country may charge you to release an import.

Above all remember – hopefully we can be the solution to some or all of your problems:


All items that we produce are a minimum order quantity of ONE (quantity charges will apply). From time to time there may be exemptions to this rule and we will let you know upon ordering if this applies.

Ordering is very simple and we try our best to work with you. So no fancy confusing online ordering forms. Simply email us with the information or attach a spread sheet.

Password Protect Private Online Store

Stellar can create for you a Private Online Store that is not available for General Public Use. A Password Protected Private Online Store may help you and your members to order their required Uniforms and associated Apparel with ease. Please let us know if this is something you would like (free of charge). It can also be used as the ordering portal for your Uniform Coordinator so we all have a clean record.

Custom Sports Team Photos

You take it – we’ll recreate it!

Stellar offers clients the chance to have their team photos displayed within a unique graphically designed template that matches your existing design. It’s as simple as you taking the photo with whatever you have and sending it into us. We do all the work for you in regards to presentation. Contact us to find out more.

Custom Medals

If rewarding your members is a part of your ethos then Stellar has you covered. Contact us to find out how we can help you to collate some awesome and inspirational custom medals for your members.

Custom Sports Balls

These are an absolute game changer! You can now have your Sports Ball anyway you like it! Your Logo with your design exactly how it is on your Sportswear. Crazy right? No more kindergarten designs on your club ball. 

Print On Demand

Along with you Password Protected Private Online Store, you receive our brand new “Print On Demand” service – whereby, a select group of products and apparel and printed in house here at Stellar and shipped to you direct within 2 weeks of you purchase. Cotton Tees, Sloppy Joe Hoodies, Caps and Hats plus a load more to come. As new designs are created for you club, they are uploaded to your Price Store and clients can purchase whenever they want.

Supa Shades

Gazebos that are made with high quality materials that are durable and multi-functional, including a fully printed roof and valance with velcro so you can chop and change the different walls to suit your needs. Full walls, half walls, wall with windows, walls with mesh windows, walls with doors. All with your design all over it and our design charges are included!

We are Gold Coast based and Experienced

12 years we have existed. Born out of frustration that no one could supply to the Grass Roots level of sport with a service that we as sports players and club members felt we deserved so that all of our members can look good, feel good and be proud of who they belong to.

So if you have any questions at all about anything we do including all the other Stellar specialties, please contact us via the Contact page. Thanks!

 Please note: All designs featured on this website are real Stellar Clients and are used here for illustration purposes only. If you would like an awesome design created just for you – don’t hesitate to contact us now.

Remember: All Artworks and Designs created by Stellar are protected by the Intellectual Property Law of Australia. No artworks or designs can be copied or reprinted in any form without the expressed permission of Stellar. Changing any graphic form by 10% is a myth. To read more about Intellectual Property Australia please click here. If you have any concerns about any laws you may have breached please contact us.

The Stellar Logo is a Registered Trademark

Stellar Uniforms established in 2011
Stellar Uniforms